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Wie: Leden en belangstellenden Waar: Stadsboerderij Beeklust Ledeboerslaan 3 7606 JS Almelo Wanneer: Elke donderdagavond in de even weken van 20:15 tot 22:00 uur
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History The folklore association "De Korenaer" (ear of corn) was set up on november 12th 1946 by members of B.D.V. (Farmers Daughters Association) and Ontwikkeling (Development), agrarian youth associations of the town of Almelo in Twente. From this agricultural background the local dances, songs, costumes, music and language still have been kept in a responsible way and demonstrated successfully both in the Netherlands and abroad. Clothing The authentic costumes of "De Korenaer" dates from the end of the 19th century. The group is dressed in the so-called every day costume. The ladies costume consists of a black “jak” (a type of dress) and a skirt. Further the ladies wear two petticoats. The top skirt is trimmed with a so-called "pluusband". This ribbon protects the hem. Under this skirt a "noazak" is worn. In this pocket she carries the wallet, handkerchief, mints and eau de cologne. The bottom skirt is a damask-skirt, woven in a floral pattern or a cotton striped underskirt. Below this skirt she wears long pants trimmed with lace. To this every day costume belongs a stiff starched cotton print apron. The ladies wear black, self knitted socks and of course the white, handmade wooden shoes with a pointed front. The "knupduukske" (scarf) is worn around the neck and on the head there is a little black bonnet which is covered with a white mob-cap of Brussels lace and tulle. Jewelry will be worn only on the sunday costume. The men's costume consists of a black suit with a farmers cap. The trousers are so-called "klapbokse" (flap pants) with buttons. There was not yet a zipper around 1900. Under the "buis" (short jacket) there is a vest with a watch-chain and watch The jabot, which covers the blue-white striped "boezeroen" (working shirt), looks like an expensive garment. Actually it is merely a nicely edited piece of fabric that is worn around the neck with a strap. The men also wear black, self knitted socks and white clogs with a broad point, the so-called snoetenkloompe. Programme The group performs some twenty original dances from the eastern part of the Netherlands, accompanied by a few accordion players These dances were created around 1900 and they often represent something, such as mowing barley in the “Riepe, riepe gaste” or the opening of a flower in the “Zunneroze”. In order to bring some variation in our dance programme, about eight members formed a little choir. These people sing songs in dialect such as: Marieke van de mulder, Oaldershoes, Oons oale Twente etc., accompanied by an accordionist. The regional dialect, "the Moodesproake", is kept alive in recitals and poems. The secretariat will be pleased to give you more information. Click "Contact us".
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